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Things you need to know about the Roe Deer

Scientific Name: Capreolus capreolus

Subspecies: We have not included any of the subspecies of Capreolus capreolus, as the authors disagree about their status as individual subspecies.

Distribution: All of Europe except Ireland, Iceland, Southern Spain and Greece. Roe Deer populations are not common to the Mediterranean islands.

Habitat: Roe Deer populations are found today in most terrain types: Deciduous forests, coniferous forests, farmland, marches and on the moors. In addition, measures the heights from the lowest lowlands to highlands, and mountains. Roe Deer populations are the European species of deer, which has the largest propagation area.

Description: Smaller species of Deer that achieves a shoulder height of up to 75 cm. and a weight of 18-25 kg. The color of the fur is different from summer to winter. The summer coat is thin, the skin is beautiful reddish brown while thick winter coat is noble. Roe buck trophy usually get up to 6 ends.

Hunting method: Stalking or lying in wait.

Hunting available in: All area of distribution except Finland.