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About Fallow Deer hunting

Scientific Name: Cervus dama

Subspecies: Mesopotamian Fallow Deer (C. d. mesopotamica)

Distribution: The Fallow Deer originated from Asia Minor, but is found all over Europe today, either freely roaming or in fenced in areas.

Habitat: Woodland with dense undergrowth often in the immediate vicinity of pasture land. The Fallow Deer prefers open land.

Description: Large deer weighing around 100-150 kg and measuring around 120 cm over the shoulder. The Fallow Deer has four different but distinct colour variations: White, yellowish brown, dark rufous brown and black, with brown the most common. A normally coloured Fallow Deer has a number of white spots on the back and along the flanks. A diagnostic feature is its long tail. The antlers get their characteristic palmate shape when the deer is four years old, but are not fully grown untill the deer is around 5 years old.

Hunting method: Stalking, lying in wait or driven hunt.

Hunting available in: All areas of distribution (some places in fenced in areas).